Gigbee Recruiters as a partner

Experience makes the difference. We become the integral part in our customer success by connecting the right talents that will embody their values, trigger their growth and secure their future. We make it possible with our passionate partner recruiters. All our partner recruiters are recruiter by choice not by chance.

Our Methodology

Knowing You

Understand your environment and company culture.

Understand your need

Define your ideal candidate from a Technical, Functional & Cultural point of view.

Talent hunting

Identify, Attract & Select.


We present our best candidates


We follow you on each step of your internal process. Our job is to facilitate the process.


Advise on salary proposition & formalize the offer.


Candidates follow up during the onboarding.

Debriefing of the process

Identity how can we improve the collaboration and anticipate future necessity.

Recruit someone that makes the Difference.

Office desk


Customer success is Our Priority

Our team spends time understanding the aspirations and personality of our candidates, and beyond pure technical competences, to make sure they fit with your company culture and values.


Experience Make The Difference

Every Gigbee recruiter is expert on his technological stack & will be able to present you several candidates’ members among their network.


Giving You The Best

Our strength lies on our people. We spend a lot of time in training our teams and defining smart KPIs to make sure our vision of success perfectly matches our customers’. We work in total transparency with the candidate and the client.